balconies, new flats, Brighton

Currently working happily at People Powered Retrofit in Manchester, as Retrofit Design Coordinator, after 15 months as Retrofit Lead at URBED, working on social housing decarbonisation.

I am an experienced architect with a track record in leading teams to deliver excellent and sometimes award-winning residential designs and developments. I have also worked as a technical and design “trouble-shooter” both salaried and as a consultant, before training in, and focusing on, energy retrofit.

This site is intended to serve as both a running CV, and an archive for projects. Most of the content comes from my employment with some excellent architectural practices, where I’ve been lucky to work with some very talented and dedicated people, to achieve the results shown.

A brief downloadable resumé CV can be found on the About page, along with a fuller biography. I am on the Green Register & an AECB member, with some training in wholehouse retrofit and Passivhaus fundamentals, and the Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management. I have written for local press & elsewhere on retrofit and green recovery, including contributing to Climate Jobs: Building a Workforce for the Climate Emergency.

Projects (1) are broadly the most recent, Projects (2) go back further, and Projects (3) are private, speculative or competition entries. Page (4) added in 2023 will pick up from the start of my work with URBED and focus on residential retrofit including social housing.

Click below to download portfolios and CV: